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The ever-growing Mobile Electronics Specialists of America (MESA) buying/marketing group is now as large as the 12 volt sales of Crutchfield, Car Toys and Audio Express combined.

At its annual MESA Summit, the group announced it now has 154 retail members with $319 million in sales. Its members continue to grow in spite of a flat to down overall marketplace.

The first half of the year was challenged with a disappointing tax season followed by rains and flooding around much of the country, said MESA Executive Director Ryan Gunter.

But when summer finally hit and “people took out their toys—UTVs, ATVs, boats and motorcycles– the floodgates opened,” Gunter told members.

MESA claims its members were able to grab business once consumers were ready to spend again, because of the group’s heavy focus on marketing including email marketing.

A quarter of MESA members had a record setting month this year, said Gunter during an opening session at the Summit.