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Finding a Good BMW Mechanic in Melbourne

The belief that old European cars like BMWs and Mercedes are expensive to fix when they get old Is true – as I found out the hard way. Within just a couple of months of buying my BMW X1 model I was looking for an experienced mechanic in Melbourne, Victoria – where I’m from.

Here’s a picture from the used car showroom:



A brand new or used car never look this good again after you roll them out of the car park. The old saying that a new car loses 20% of it’s value when you drive it off the lot is the same for cleanliness and second hand cars – trust me.

When I show people a picture of my new BMW you can guess what picture I show them 😉  )




A word to the people…

When you buy a second hand car in Victoria you do not always get a warranty on mechanical faults, this includes if you’re buying from a licenced car dealership like I did.  

If you are about to spend a big amount of money (whatever that amount is for you) you should read these details from the Victorian government.

I’ll summarise the basics for you.

If you’re buying a second hand car from a licenced dealer they are required to give you the following “statutory warranty”:

  • Three months warranty. Or
  • 5,000 km warranty.
    • This used car warranty is determined by whichever event occurs first. After you buy the car if you have it for three months, the warranty is over. Or if you travel 5,000km in the car before the three-month milestone is reached – your warranty is also over.

This is where I got caught out:

You will only get this warranty in Victoria if:

  1. Your car has travelled less than 160,000km at the time of purchase. And also
  2. If your car is under 10 years old.
    • The age of the car is not what’s advertised, it is determined by the date that is stamped on the build plate of your car.


I personally started to research this when my second hand (but “new” for me) started showing mechanical issues.




It was about 7 months after I brought my “2010 BMW X1” as it was advertised, turns out it was actually a 2009 which made it “not under warranty”, along with it being over the three months mark. My cousin who was sitting in the back seat said that she heard a rattling noise

I hadn’t noticed any noise coming form the back because I sit in the front and usually have the windows down for fresh air and listening to a podcast or some music. It’s possible the sound was there previously and within the three-month warranty window however I didn’t hear it, and also like I said my X1 was a 2009 even though it was advertised as a ‘2010’ (the paperwork does say 2009 but I didn’t notice).

The noise was more noticeable when driving off from stationary. From traffic lights, when pulling out into a cross street, etc.

After being refused the warranty service from the dealership who I don’t want to name and shame here because that’s not my style, I took it to a BMW specialist mechanic in Melbourne, you can find them here:

I’ve never been a car guy so the mechanical talk kind of goes over my head but it was something to do with the clutch and cost just over $2,000 to fix!

Plus almost a week off the road while a part came in.




Work friends warned me about buying a BMW and any European car because there weren’t many people who knew how to service them well. I’ve found that not to be true, the mechanic I found above actually specialises specifically with BMWs and is based in Melbourne.

Yes, Melbourne couldn’t be much further away from say the UK or Germany for example but the training and tech from the manufacture’s is all shared online and I don’t really see any problems.

It’s a mechanical machine and not really a “puzzle”, isn’t it?

Don’t NOT buy a BMW X1 just based on my experience. I did months of research online, reading forums and YouTube walkthroughs and reviews of the car – there’s no “well known” mechanical problems with them.

If you’re buying one, or got one and have an issue with it – share it in the comments below. Let’s help each other out.