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What you should expect when buying a Mustang

This car has a horse as his badge …. so you should expect a lots of them , horses, horses power! An iconic car that it’s a must drive for any car enthusiast. The Ford Mustang is a success story through and through. It’s the second-longest-running sports car nameplate in the U.S., after the Chevy Corvette.

Affordable and reliable: The Mustang is affordable and within reach. Ask me if I think the Ferrari 575M is a nice car and you’ll get a definite “Yes.” I mean come on now, 0-60 in about 4.2 seconds. But let’s be realistic, the chances of this automotive journalist being able to purchase a $246,000 car in his lifetime are slim. The Mustang is, and always has been, a real value in terms of what you get for the price. Is it an exotic supercar? No, but it wasn’t designed to be.

Making friends: I’m constantly amazed at how friendly and enthusiastic Mustang owners are when I’m out on the road in my Ford pony car. Having driven a motorcycle part-time for almost 20 years, I’m used to other cyclists greeting me along my journey. Step into a car and this rarely happens, unless it’s a Mustang. Similar to the motorcycle community, Mustang owners are a tight-knit group. Just ask any Mustang Club of America member. In all, Ford estimates there are more than 250 Mustang enthusiast clubs in the world.

It’s built by a legendary man:  Henry Ford. Simply put, the car is an ultimate result of a legend. Just to be clear, Henry Ford didn’t exactly invent either the assembly line or the company Ford. Instead, he commercialized both of them; he made them known and applicable at a volume unseen before. There was the concept of the car before, but Henry Ford made it available at such a cheap price that it became irresistible for Americans—not irresistible in the sense of “I need the iPhone 8 because mine is, well, an iPhone 7” but irresistible because through his work, people didn’t have to ride horses and feed it in the middle of their excursions. It was the first time the convenience of a car became a reality for the likes of us.

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